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Immunoassay (Rapid) Tests
Latex Agglutination Test
Immunoassay (Rapid) Tests

Companion Animal:-

Canine Parvovirus antigen, Canine Parvovirus antibody, Canine Rotavirus antigen, Canine Heartworm antigen, Canine Distemper virus antigen, Canine Distemper virus antibody, Canine Coronavirus antibody, Canine Influenza virus antigen, Canine Distemper&Adenovirus antigen, Canine Distemper&Adenovirus  Influenza antigen, Giardia antigen, Brucella canis antibody, Leishmania antibody, Canine Rabies virus abntigen, Feline Leukemia virus antigen (FeLV), FeLV&Feline Immunodeficiency virus antigen, Feline Coronavirus antigen, Feline Panleukopania virus antigen.

Domestic Animal:-

Rotavirus antigen, Brucella abortus antibody, Mycobacterium bovis antibody, E. coli K99, Rotavirus antibody, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus antigen, Transmissible Gastroenteritis virus antigen, Foot & Mouth antibody, Newcastle Disease virus antigen, Infectious Bursal Disese virus antigen, Avian Influenza virus Type A antibody, Crytosporidium antigen, Foot & Mouth (NSP) virus antibody.

** New Test - June 2011 Calf Scour for Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium or E. coli (K99) antigens

All techniques to be completed same day.

Prices on Request.

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